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The Board of Directors consists of nine members elected in November to a two-year term which begins January 1st after their election. Five Directors are elected in odd-numbered years and four Directors are elected in even-numbered years. Any member in good standing may run for the Board of Directors. If you would like to contact a Board Member or if you are interested in running for the Board of Directors, please contact us using the link below.



Mike and his wife, Shawn have owned their Bass Lake home since 2014.  Mike retired from the LA County Sheriff’s Department in 2016 at the rank of Captain.  He is now a licensed Private Investigator, and also consults with the LA County Probation Department on internal investigative matters.  He holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership and a BA Degree in English. Shawn’s mom and dad, John and Mary Cozby, owned homes in Bass Lake since 1964. Shawn’s two sisters, Leslie and Kimberlee, also own homes in the Bass Lake area.


Vice President

Brian has been a homeowner and proud member of the Bass Lake Homeowner’s Association for the past 6 years. His grandparents started camping at Bass Lake in 1938, then purchased a cabin in 1962. The home has been in the family ever since. He is a proud father to two beautiful children, Kyndal (11) and Caden (9), and happily married to Lani Nelson. Together they live in San Diego and enjoy boating, surfing, hiking, camping, and traveling. He is an accomplished real estate professional with both local and national experience in the acquisitions and dispositions of multifamily investment properties, and multifamily acquisition/rehab projects. Brian formally sat as a Director on the Board of the Commercial Realtor Alliance of San Diego, a division of San Diego Association of Realtors, from 2008-2018.



Tracy is a full-time resident of Bass Lake who moved from San Francisco 20-years ago. She is self-employed as a meeting & event planner and loves her job. She served on the Associations Board of Directors from 2008-2012 and is excited to serve again. You may recognize her last name. Her father, Jim Ackroyd, was the Administrator of the Homeowner’s Association when homeowners purchased the master lease and property from PG&E in 1989.



Neil and his extended family own two homes in the Bass Lake area and enjoy spending time together on the lake.  Neil and his wife Kristi reside in Visalia where Neil is a sales rep for a national pet product distributor, serving the Central Valley and surrounding mountains.  Both are active in their church, involved with nine grandchildren, and always on the go.



Jan and her husband Dan have been homeowners in the Bass Lake area for 18 years. She is a Registered Nurse, mother of three college age children and an Officer of her Dock Association. Her favorite season is summer, as she is able to live in Bass Lake full time while her kids are working at the Marina and the Pines. Jan and her family take enormous pride in Bass Lake and the surrounding area. She is looking forward to increasing her commitment to this special community.



Colleen grew up in Oakhurst, and after attending College she set a goal to make Bass Lake her home. In 2002 she achieved her goal and became a homeowner and full-time resident. Her family then grew, and they continue to reside at the lake today. She works as an Insurance Agent in Oakhurst and enjoys spending her free time on the lake. She and her husband look forward to seeing their children and future grandchildren enjoy the lake for many years to come.



Stacie and her husband Roger have owned their home in Bass Lake since 2015.  They raised their three daughters in Mission Viejo, California.  Every summer they vacationed in the Yosemite and Bass Lake areas and fell in love with the natural beauty and warm and friendly people. Stacie was an active volunteer during their daughter’s school years.  She was a leader in Girl Scouts and PTA President.  Now she is blessed with three grandchildren ages 7, 5 and 1.  The grandkids  kids love the lake and surrounding areas in all seasons.  Stacie and Roger plan to retire in Bass Lake.  Stacie’s participation on the Board of Directors is her commitment to an ever-improving community that we all share.



Jeff and his wife of 34 years, Kristin, live in Harlan Ranch in Clovis. They have two grown children (son and daughter) and a grandson. Jeff teaches English Composition full-time at Madera Community College and has been vacationing at Bass Lake since he was a child. They bought their lake cabin (on Mallard, just off Rd. 432) in Bass Lake in the fall of 2020 and enjoy spending a ton of time at the lake year-round. Jeff and his family love water sports, winter sports, and all-around lake life. They love the community and have a stake in its continued prosperity. Jeff will be an asset to the community serving as a member of the BLHA Board of Directors.



Mackenzie grew up visiting Bass Lake and has a passion for safety, for both the lake and for the community. She is a Firefighter Paramedic for LA County, and a former professional softball player. She brings drive and commitment to the Association and is most interested in helping protect the wellbeing of the community.

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